If we looked after our land we would be able to produce healthy food and therefore healthy people - It is that simple!

The JM Roberts Charitable Trust was established by the late John Roberts with a goal to provide additional funding and support to local Tasmanian land conservation groups to promote the awareness and well-being of the environment.

John also had a specific desire to include our youth as part of the Trust’s activities and to this end the Trust has a focus on funding schools in its activities.

Helping to fund the educational programs to teach future generations the importance of having a sustainable environment is a legacy John aspired to.


About John Roberts

John Roberts was originally from Gaffney, Tasmania. He has devoted most of his life in farming and caring for the environment.

In 1936 John was originally an orchardist on a property called Kinlet and then moved onto Longford and lamb production. He couldn't get over the ease of making a shilling from grazing as compared to fruit growing. Fruit growing didn't cover the costs. In fact, a case of apples which was sold for 2 shillings and 9 pence, had to be picked, packed and wrapped and delivered to Hobart for the same amount, but he could sell a lamb for 15 shillings.

Much of the work John attempted to do on the orchard and the farm was sympathetic to what Landcare activity stands for today, and he thought that was what influenced him in establishing the JM Roberts Charitable Trust. John hoped the Trust would help the community help the land.

John Roberts passed away on the 04 April 2008, leaving behind a significant component of his estate to the JM Roberts Charitable Trust to continue on his life time legacy and he would like to think that others would follow in his footsteps.

Please Consider a Donation

Donations made to The JM Roberts Charitable Trust are conservatively invested to generate a sustainable stream of income to fund environmental conservation projects.  The JM Roberts Charitable Trust is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 01 June 2003. All donations over $2 to the Trust are tax deductible.